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James Allen Review

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In 1998, the online store “James Allen” opened with the purpose of selling online selling all types of graded diamonds and engagement rings at the greatest value for its customers. Right from the beginning, the main business was selling all types of jewelry with a focus on educating the customer about the quality. The items of James Allen have been highlighted and have profiles in the “US News & World Report”, “The Washington Post”,  “NBC News” and on this website. Also, James Allen was mentioned by other jewelry industry publications such as the “National Jeweler”. James Allen is selling fine diamonds and jewelry at below retail prices due to its online business. It is far less costly to have an internet trading compared to selling through retail stores and the savings are passed down the supply chain to the end customer. Hence, one could get the best jewelry at the most competitive price.

James Allen Range

James Allen’s web page is designed in an amazing way: Here you can choose the metal or the stone that you like and look at the available styles. For instance, you will typically select the earrings before deciding if you want gold or silver. It is a very different approach but it does work.

Loose diamonds

James Allen has more than 55, 000 lab graded diamonds showed in the database which you can easily search. Among this immense number, more than 15,000 pictures of actual diamonds are accessible for viewing on the website. Simply choose the carat weight, shape and the budget in searching your preferred diamond. Once done with that, results will be much better compared to other online retailers.

Engagement rings

James Allen’s engagement rings are sold through selecting your options with the matched diamond. A wide range of available choices are available: from the side stones, traditional solitaire, unique tension settings and side stones. Danhov and M.Geller are the available designers’ collection of those who are into a high-end and exclusive engagement rings.

Wedding and anniversary

Wedding bands come from a variety of three-stone, diamond, plain and eternity bands. The 18-karat yellow gold diamond ring is listed at $775 and diamond bands are lavish and of good value. For those who desire a three-stone band, they have a great selection of the stunning rings. Also, two-tone rings, plain bands and engraved bands are available for those who choose a classic look.

Diamond jewelry

The rings of James Allen are spectacular. Some of the rings have unique and exquisite designs along with diamonds that flow around the piece. One specific design is the 14-karat white gold pendant that has a teardrop design. For every piece of jewelry, the website provides information such as the description of the carat weight, amount of diamonds and more. This is both beneficial and unique for online jewelry sellers.

Gold jewelry

This is featuring the jewelry that is made of white, yellow and rose gold which doesn’t have a stone. This jewelry is composed of rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces and more. Some bracelets are available in a good range such as the 14-karat white gold that has an engraved oval link. For the necklaces, James Allen is highlighting a very good 24-karat fashion design that falls under $1,000 each.