Diamond Review

Whiteflash Review

married couple holding handsA lot of people that are shopping for diamonds, come across the term “hearts and arrows” at one time or another. However, what most of the people do not understand is, that this is a generic term used by the industry in describing the optical symmetry of a diamond. It has absolutely nothing to do with a diamond brand or even the shape of the diamond.

For instance, when a round brilliant diamond’s facets have perfect alignment to one another then it has the “hearts” pattern as a result which is seen through the pavilion of the diamond and an “arrows” pattern as seen through the diamond’s crown. This is a pattern where it has a perfect degree of symmetry and therefore ranges among the most precisely cut diamonds.

What is an Optical Symmetry?

Understanding how optical symmetry is produced is very important as it is done by an internal light reflection of the diamond crystal and the shape, the overall size and the placement of the various facets are dependent on it. Interestingly, a stone can be graded an ideal or excellent symmetry and not show the H&A pattern. Meanwhile, another diamond might be showing spectacular hearts and arrows pattern but do not have the highest symmetry grade.

The reason behind the high demand for these diamonds is clearly their quality. That’s also why they are often unavailable on diamond websites or in retail stores. Also, it takes two to three times longer in cutting a hearts and arrows diamond compared to an average cut stone. This is the explanation of why these kinds of diamonds are sold at a premium and are unavailable in most retail jewelry stores.

Whiteflash is one of the popular jewelry websites that specializes in these superior cut diamonds. This online diamond retailer has been selling these special cut diamonds for more than 10 years online and has gained a great number of happy and repeat customers. Whiteflash is based in Texas but offers a worldwide shipping on their diamonds and diamond jewelry. They have one retail store but most of their jewelry transaction is conducted online. This is a diamond online retailer that caters only the best princess cut and round brilliant diamonds in the world. They have magnified pictures installed on each of their in-house diamonds and they provide other technologically advanced information too, such as the light reflector images which gives an idea to the customer on how the diamond shines and sparkles. Up to date, Whiteflash is only one of perhaps three other online jewelry sellers that are providing this extensive information on each of their diamonds.

The hearts and arrows diamonds are more expensive compared to your average “ideal” or “very good” diamond simply because what they possess is the optical properties that show the skill and technological advancement in diamond cutting.