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Brian Gavin Review

Mr and Mrs wedding photoBrian Gavin does not only rely on the virtual inventory unlike its competitors and many other online engagement ring and diamond retailers where diamonds are stocked in warehouses under the ownership of other companies or even in other countries but also allows customers to examine the diamonds.

Brian Gavin offers a virtual inventory of around 60,000 diamonds at least but what is more interesting are “Brian Gavin Signature” diamonds that are of high quality. Each of these signature diamonds is physically held and handpicked by Brian Gavin and these are the stones that set Brian Gavin different from most online diamond and engagement ring sellers.

Brian Gavin offers several grades of signature diamonds such as the princess cut, cushion hearts and arrows, round hearts and arrows, Brian Gavin princess, Brian Gavin Cape and Brian Gavin Blue are also among the interesting products you can get from them.

Even though Brian Gavin Diamonds was set up only in 2009, the man behind this has turned out to be a long-time pivotal figure in the diamond industry. He is popular for the research and innovation he made in the diamond cutting, light performances and gets recognition as an authority for the hearts and arrows diamonds. Since you can’t get understand the company without understanding the man it is highly relevant to know who Brian Gavin is.

He is a 5th generation diamond cutter who originally comes from South Africa, where he started learning the family diamond cutting craft. He is a perfectionist when it comes to the diamonds. That might be the reason that he was so eager to make diamonds with brilliant sparkle and perfect performance. He wanted to take an extra step ahead.

Mr. Gavin went on to become an important member of the diamond industry and made his fortune with the help of his extraordinary process in diamond cutting technology. In the year 1998, Brian Gavin put his A Cut above the most ideal hearts and diamonds online. He is the co-founder of Whiteflash which is known for selling the crème de la crème of diamonds.

When it comes to buying a diamond from Brian Gavin, it is a super easy task since the company is providing all the important details, videos, photos you wish to know or to have.

Every diamond has high-resolution photos that demonstrate whether the diamond has any visible flaws or the other way around, brilliance. 360-degree videos, light performance imagery such as hearts patterning photos, Ideal scope, ASET, and the grading report are all services you will get at this very special store. Also, you can request a Sarin report via email before finalizing your sale. All these can be used to decide whether the diamond that you are looking at is the right stone for you.

The website of Brian Gavin is allowing you to customize your order by choosing the specifications you require. Also, you have the option of designing your own ring by selecting your diamond and the setting. You can even go an extra step further and make some requests for custom services from Brian Gavin himself.

They have amazing customer service. They have a live chat that will happily answer your questions and assists you with your questions.