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James Allen Review

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In 1998, the online store “James Allen” opened with the purpose of selling online selling all types of graded diamonds and engagement rings at the greatest value for its customers. Right from the beginning, the main business was selling all types of jewelry with a focus on educating the customer about the quality. The items of James Allen have been highlighted and have profiles in the “US News & World Report”, “The Washington Post”,  “NBC News” and on this website. Also, James Allen was mentioned by other jewelry industry publications such as the “National Jeweler”. James Allen is selling fine diamonds and jewelry at below retail prices due to its online business. It is far less costly to have an internet trading compared to selling through retail stores and the savings are passed down the supply chain to the end customer. Hence, one could get the best jewelry at the most competitive price.

James Allen Range

James Allen’s web page is designed in an amazing way: Here you can choose the metal or the stone that you like and look at the available styles. For instance, you will typically select the earrings before deciding if you want gold or silver. It is a very different approach but it does work.

Loose diamonds

James Allen has more than 55, 000 lab graded diamonds showed in the database which you can easily search. Among this immense number, more than 15,000 pictures of actual diamonds are accessible for viewing on the website. Simply choose the carat weight, shape and the budget in searching your preferred diamond. Once done with that, results will be much better compared to other online retailers.

Engagement rings

James Allen’s engagement rings are sold through selecting your options with the matched diamond. A wide range of available choices are available: from the side stones, traditional solitaire, unique tension settings and side stones. Danhov and M.Geller are the available designers’ collection of those who are into a high-end and exclusive engagement rings.

Wedding and anniversary

Wedding bands come from a variety of three-stone, diamond, plain and eternity bands. The 18-karat yellow gold diamond ring is listed at $775 and diamond bands are lavish and of good value. For those who desire a three-stone band, they have a great selection of the stunning rings. Also, two-tone rings, plain bands and engraved bands are available for those who choose a classic look.

Diamond jewelry

The rings of James Allen are spectacular. Some of the rings have unique and exquisite designs along with diamonds that flow around the piece. One specific design is the 14-karat white gold pendant that has a teardrop design. For every piece of jewelry, the website provides information such as the description of the carat weight, amount of diamonds and more. This is both beneficial and unique for online jewelry sellers.

Gold jewelry

This is featuring the jewelry that is made of white, yellow and rose gold which doesn’t have a stone. This jewelry is composed of rings, pendants, earrings, necklaces and more. Some bracelets are available in a good range such as the 14-karat white gold that has an engraved oval link. For the necklaces, James Allen is highlighting a very good 24-karat fashion design that falls under $1,000 each.

Diamond Review

Brian Gavin Review

Mr and Mrs wedding photoBrian Gavin does not only rely on the virtual inventory unlike its competitors and many other online engagement ring and diamond retailers where diamonds are stocked in warehouses under the ownership of other companies or even in other countries but also allows customers to examine the diamonds.

Brian Gavin offers a virtual inventory of around 60,000 diamonds at least but what is more interesting are “Brian Gavin Signature” diamonds that are of high quality. Each of these signature diamonds is physically held and handpicked by Brian Gavin and these are the stones that set Brian Gavin different from most online diamond and engagement ring sellers.

Brian Gavin offers several grades of signature diamonds such as the princess cut, cushion hearts and arrows, round hearts and arrows, Brian Gavin princess, Brian Gavin Cape and Brian Gavin Blue are also among the interesting products you can get from them.

Even though Brian Gavin Diamonds was set up only in 2009, the man behind this has turned out to be a long-time pivotal figure in the diamond industry. He is popular for the research and innovation he made in the diamond cutting, light performances and gets recognition as an authority for the hearts and arrows diamonds. Since you can’t get understand the company without understanding the man it is highly relevant to know who Brian Gavin is.

He is a 5th generation diamond cutter who originally comes from South Africa, where he started learning the family diamond cutting craft. He is a perfectionist when it comes to the diamonds. That might be the reason that he was so eager to make diamonds with brilliant sparkle and perfect performance. He wanted to take an extra step ahead.

Mr. Gavin went on to become an important member of the diamond industry and made his fortune with the help of his extraordinary process in diamond cutting technology. In the year 1998, Brian Gavin put his A Cut above the most ideal hearts and diamonds online. He is the co-founder of Whiteflash which is known for selling the crème de la crème of diamonds.

When it comes to buying a diamond from Brian Gavin, it is a super easy task since the company is providing all the important details, videos, photos you wish to know or to have.

Every diamond has high-resolution photos that demonstrate whether the diamond has any visible flaws or the other way around, brilliance. 360-degree videos, light performance imagery such as hearts patterning photos, Ideal scope, ASET, and the grading report are all services you will get at this very special store. Also, you can request a Sarin report via email before finalizing your sale. All these can be used to decide whether the diamond that you are looking at is the right stone for you.

The website of Brian Gavin is allowing you to customize your order by choosing the specifications you require. Also, you have the option of designing your own ring by selecting your diamond and the setting. You can even go an extra step further and make some requests for custom services from Brian Gavin himself.

They have amazing customer service. They have a live chat that will happily answer your questions and assists you with your questions.

Diamond Review

Whiteflash Review

married couple holding handsA lot of people that are shopping for diamonds, come across the term “hearts and arrows” at one time or another. However, what most of the people do not understand is, that this is a generic term used by the industry in describing the optical symmetry of a diamond. It has absolutely nothing to do with a diamond brand or even the shape of the diamond.

For instance, when a round brilliant diamond’s facets have perfect alignment to one another then it has the “hearts” pattern as a result which is seen through the pavilion of the diamond and an “arrows” pattern as seen through the diamond’s crown. This is a pattern where it has a perfect degree of symmetry and therefore ranges among the most precisely cut diamonds.

What is an Optical Symmetry?

Understanding how optical symmetry is produced is very important as it is done by an internal light reflection of the diamond crystal and the shape, the overall size and the placement of the various facets are dependent on it. Interestingly, a stone can be graded an ideal or excellent symmetry and not show the H&A pattern. Meanwhile, another diamond might be showing spectacular hearts and arrows pattern but do not have the highest symmetry grade.

The reason behind the high demand for these diamonds is clearly their quality. That’s also why they are often unavailable on diamond websites or in retail stores. Also, it takes two to three times longer in cutting a hearts and arrows diamond compared to an average cut stone. This is the explanation of why these kinds of diamonds are sold at a premium and are unavailable in most retail jewelry stores.

Whiteflash is one of the popular jewelry websites that specializes in these superior cut diamonds. This online diamond retailer has been selling these special cut diamonds for more than 10 years online and has gained a great number of happy and repeat customers. Whiteflash is based in Texas but offers a worldwide shipping on their diamonds and diamond jewelry. They have one retail store but most of their jewelry transaction is conducted online. This is a diamond online retailer that caters only the best princess cut and round brilliant diamonds in the world. They have magnified pictures installed on each of their in-house diamonds and they provide other technologically advanced information too, such as the light reflector images which gives an idea to the customer on how the diamond shines and sparkles. Up to date, Whiteflash is only one of perhaps three other online jewelry sellers that are providing this extensive information on each of their diamonds.

The hearts and arrows diamonds are more expensive compared to your average “ideal” or “very good” diamond simply because what they possess is the optical properties that show the skill and technological advancement in diamond cutting.